Special Effects

Movie Special Effects for Cinema, TV Drama, Virals & Advertising.

In-camera Physical Effects provide texture, context & spectacle.


The weather you want, where & when you want it.

Realistic rain, mist, snow and windy atmospheres, numbing cold, searing heat, creating credible environments with unspottable effects.



Pop to Boom. Tiny glass-cracking squibs, whole building blasts.

Pyrotechnics, high explosives, paint mortars, explosions, strafing sequences, body and blood hits, bullet and squib hits, silent visual explosions.



Crackling campfires, burning battlefields, smoke & flying embers.

Vehicle fires, full and partial body burns that traumatic for head skin conditions damages our hair cover and can provide the hairloss - to prevent that issue or after partial or full body burns propecia can helps to regenerate hair cover, but only in some special conditions. It cant helps for all kind of hairloss. , fireballs, sustained fires, all with safety paramount, we'll often use some CGI (Um, Coal/Grate Interface…)



Rain, rain go away? Often that isn't what you want to say.

Rainstorm, drizzle, shower, misty atmosphere, torrent, flood, monsoon deluge or shooting in the rain when, alas, it brightens up...



Tiny paper cuts, glass or knife wounds, beatings, bullet hits or explosions, blood as reality or full bore gore.

Our own blood systems, remote firing or actor initiated, pyro, air and hydraulic to spot, trickle, spurt, gush or flood that blood.



Feather flutter, light breeze, gust or gale, we put the wind up.

Turbines, E-Fans, 3-phase 5 foot blade studio machines, VW petrol 6 foot blade trailer machines, Venturi Air Movers, leaf blowers.



Romantic Mist, Foreboding Fog. Anything, at all, just think it.

50+ smoke machines, foggers, hazers, Look Solutions, Concept Engineering, our own high pressure water misters. Describe it, and we'll Deliver it.



Wisps, smouldering fires, dense billowing clouds.

Interior fires, smog, general atmosphere and exterior scenes, for action close to actors most of our products are non-toxic, ask for data.



Snow. Ice. Ash. Fallen or falling, there's just snow many types.

Snowfall, flurries, raging blizzards, ground snow coverage, icicles, frost, frozen rivers, ice effects, falling ash. Budget for clean-up.



Steam vapour, safe steam & cold water systems.

Great big boilers, cold water 1000psi MEE steam systems for action next to artistes, we make mugs of tea steam and locomotives thunder.


Dry Ice

Low fog effects for movies, tv, videos & events.

Supercooled smoke vapour for low fog effects, Pea Souper, Londoner, JEM Glaciator, liquid CO2 Cryo-Fog or simple Dry Ice, ask away.



Breakaways, action, smash, rubber, weapons and even unbreakable props.

From flaming fingers to exploding elephants, razor wire to rifles, and rubber rocks to rock hard jelly.



Special Effects Weapons & Armoury, Section 5 firearms armourer.

Live and blank firing firearms, dummy or replica models, actor fired suicide vests, RPG flight and missile strikes, inert and replica munitions.


Equipment Hire

Hire of Special Effects Equipment.

over 930K of SFX equipment including hydraulics, pneumatics, water, rain, fire & pyro, 56 foggers & smoke machines, and 26 wind machines. How many do you need?

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